Code for All is a trusted global network of civic tech organizations. Becoming a partner of the network is a relationship-building process that can take multiple weeks or months. We invite everyone to join in online discussion through our Slack channel, collaborate with us, meet us at events or invite us to your own.

Governing partner

The governing partners of Code for All are comprised of the partners in the organization who make decisions about the network’s strategy, activities and growth.

New applicants desiring to become a governing partner of Code for All will be evaluated by current governing partners based on the applicant’s level of organizational maturity. Potential Code-for partners exist along a spectrum from individuals or small groups of volunteers to institutions with a track record of work in this field and significant resources. The criteria for becoming a governing partner of Code for All include country-level or regional organizations that have:

  1. attained legal non-profit status, affiliation with an existing non-profit organization, or are measurably working towards establishing a sustainable institutional structure, depending on each country’s context;
  2. brought together a diverse, capable and dedicated team to manage the organization, carry out projects and participate in the Code for All network;
  3. implemented at least one project that conforms to the mission and values of Code for All;
  4. developed a strategic plan, including information on the team, legal issues, a mission statement, and vision for current and future activities of the organization;
  5. participated in Code for All activities, including in person and online;
  6. collected the resources (human and/or financial) necessary to support at least six months of work to meet the commitments laid out in the terms of the memorandum of understanding with Code for All;
  7. demonstrated that they have established relationships with either government or civil society partners that are necessary to achieving the mission of a Code-for partner; and
  8. agreed to Code for All’s code of conduct.

Process for Consideration

Every quarter, affiliate partners are given the opportunity to indicate interest in applying as a governing partner of Code for All. During these windows, interested affiliates send an email indicating interest to the Code for All secretariat. The application process includes the following steps and should typically not take longer than eight weeks:

  1. The Code for All secretariat will respond to applicants who are determined to meet the established criteria for membership as a governing partner to organize an initial interview call with a member of the partnership committee. This committee member will serve as the applicant’s point of contact throughout the consideration process.
  2. The applicant’s point of contact will take the lead in conducting a review of the organization to ensure that the organization meets the criteria for being a governing partner.
  3. Based on this review, the Applicant’s point of contact will deliver initial recommendations to the full partnership committee on whether the applicant should be considered for membership as a governing partner.
  4. The partnership committee may request any additional information that might assist in the decisionmaking process.
  5. Applicants that meet the established criteria and are recommended for full membership as a governing partner by the partnership committee are put to a vote before the all governing partners of Code for All. Affirmative decisions must be made unanimously by those governing partners that choose to vote. Any objections raised should be resolved.

Applicants receive additional instructions on whether they’ve been accepted for full membership as a governing partner, deferred or denied. New governing partners will be asked to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Code for All network.

A committee composed of representatives from current governing partners of Code for All who have been good-standing members for at least a year will be charged with evaluating new candidates for partnership. The committee will meet on demand, as applications for partnership are received. Participation in the committee is voluntary and any governing partner is welcome to join. The partnership committee will also be responsible for ensuring that existing partners continue to abide by the terms of the memorandum of understanding and meet the criteria membership. Any substantial violations of the Code for All code of conduct or extended periods of inactivity will lead to an immediate review of membership.